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Home Values in Green Bay

Finding the value of my Green Bay Home

One of the unique features about Dallaire Realtys website it that it doesn’t focus solely on helping you search for homes in Green Bay. Our website also allows you to get an idea of home values in Green Bay and, more specifically, provides tools to help determine your home’s value. If you are considering selling your house in the Green Bay area and wish to see how your home compares to others in the area, our website will help educate you on comparable sales of other Green Bay home values in your area

home values in green bay

Why Sell Your Home in Green Bay

With Dallaire Realty?

Our company’s founder and team-leader, Greg Dallaire, has been licensed and selling homes in the Green Bay area since 2006. The secret to his success is his ability to apply his extensive computer and internet-marketing skills from the onset of his career in real estate, which has given him a huge advantage amongst his industry peers and other real estate companies in Green Bay. One of the things that help Dallaire Realty stand above other agencies is its innovative use of video marketing. Dallaire Realty has over 100,000 views showcasing homes for sale in Green Bay. After only one year after the company’s inception, Dallaire Realty received national recognition from Better Homes and Gardens in 2012 by being named one of 12 companies to receive the Next Generation Brokerage award.

Our dedicated team of agents, exclusive professional photographers/videographers and listing coordinators are passionate about making sure your property stands-out amongst the field of other houses for sale in the Green Bay area. You will see immediately upon visiting our website how a good-eye, coupled with state-of-the-art equipment, will give interested buyers the best representation of your home before potential buyers see it in person. A stunning online presence will result in more showings and a quicker sale of your home. Our goal at Dallaire Realty is to showcase the best of your home and find that perfect buyer who appreciates all that you’ve put into your home while living there. We would be honored to schedule a listing consultation with you to demonstrate how powerful our marketing strategies work to accomplish the best results when listing and selling your home in Green Bay.

Greg Dallaire

Broker/Owner – Dallaire Realty

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Greg is professional, efficient and truly has your best interest at heart. He is so savvy with technology that we were able to submit and review our offer and revisions right from our home. It was a huge help with out busy schedules! He advocated for us in the best possible way. He got us a good price by researching other homes in the area and worked with the other realtor to make it happen. He’s a straight forward guy who will tell you what you need to know, not what you want to hear. He helped…
Leanna Povish