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Working with Greg Dallaire was one of the best choices my fiance and I could have made in the Green Bay home buying process. From day one, Greg was right there by our side. Greg is an incredible person. His level of service was as if he was searching for his own home. Initially he listened very well for the type of home we were searching for and then showed us any possibilities. He took us all over the city searching for our perfect home. When we finally made our decision, Greg was never pushy. He wanted us to make the right decision, for us. Greg was very caring, pleasurable, and most of all thoughtful. He made our first time home buying experience very easy and now we are living the american dream.”

Rose Vandenplas

Just bought first investment property through Greg. It was a lower priced foreclosure, not an easy deal to navigate and not especially lucrative for the Realtor. But Greg walked me through it, answered every question. He made sure the i’s were dotted and t’s crossed, and made sure I got a deal I’m happy with. Greg’s a straight shooter, no B.S. not a ton of people you can trust in the Real Estate biz, but Greg is definitely one of them.

Brad Dodge

Greg helped me purchase my home in Seymour WI. He sat down with me and talked about what I was truly looking for in a home. I felt like he actually listened to me and then provided me with homes that were a perfect fit. Once we found the home I liked he helped me understand what homes similiar to my home were worth. We negotiated a fair price and the process was very simple. Greg was great work with

Kris Levanetz

Greg helped me buy my property and did an excellent job communicating with me. When it came time to negotiate the price he was thorough and diligent in his research and helped us save over $19,000. I call him the $19,000 Man. I would highly recommend him.

Sue Mershon

There are realtors, and then there is Greg. When my wife and I were home searching we called upon Greg to help us find the perfect home. Greg went out of his way on a hot July day to show us a home on a Saturday afternoon. After spending a lengthy amount of time with us, Greg had a hunch this was the house for us. Later that evening, Greg called us to check in; indeed, we were interested. What amazed me most was that Greg was willing to write an offer with us at 9:30PM. Right before he called, we were on our way out to dinner. Even though Greg is a family man, he took the time to ensure our family was ready for the next step. Rather than due diligence, Greg is an example of true diligence. When you need to buy a house you have many options. Green Bay has many people licensed to sell a house; but in my opinion, Greg is the only person I would recommend to help you find a home.

Jason Davies

My wife and I were first time home buyers 3 years ago. As can be imagined, we had a lot of questions that needed answers and a lot of questions we didn’t even yet know to ask. Greg had our answers and raised awareness and what else we should be asking. We were pretty lost when it came to the ins and outs of the the entire home buying process. With Greg’s knowledge, understanding and resources of trusted contacts we were able to expedite our first home purchase with confidence and at the same time with no rushed, “sign the dotted line” feelings. We truly found the exact home we wanted and at about half of what we could’ve spent.

Greg’s attitude made it a blast looking at houses. From the worst to the best in our range it never failed that his assessments were right on and entertaining. Greg is on the cutting edge of technology. When we viewed homes in our criteria, his custom home search database software was a pleasant experience looking through listings in a simple, user friendly web environment.

Blayne Belter

Greg helped us purchase land. We spent several months looking at everything available and could not decide on the right place. The specific area we wanted to buy in did not have a lot of land for sale. Greg knocked on a local land owners door to find out if he would be willing to sell and negotiated a great deal for us. We were so happy with the level of service and his willingness to go the extra mile.

Patricia Glover

Working with Greg was a great choice my wife and I made. Being first time home buyers my wife and I weren’t exactly sure what we were doing. Greg was right by our side every step of the way and he made the home buying process very easy. Greg told us right from the start that he tells it like it is and he did just that. If he sees any flaws with the property he will point them out. He won’t point out the good qualities of the property just to sell a house and get a quick $$. Greg won’t push you to buy a home that isn’t for you. He takes good care of his clients and you can tell he really cares. Overall Greg made the home buying experience for my wife and I easy and stress free.

David and Crystal VanSeggern

My wife and I started looking at homes in 2009 to take advantage of the first time homebuyer credit. We had contacted 3 different realtors before Greg and they weren’t very helpful at all and many times didn’t respond to my questions or update requests. We actually had an accepted offer on a short sale with one of the ‘other’ realtors in July but after 2 months, there was still no decision on the house and really no follow up from the realtor. We finally decided to go with Greg. We were now up against the (initial) deadline for the credit and Greg was respectful of our time and very thorough in our search for a home. There was something else impressive about Greg; his brute honesty. I am allergic to cats and one of the houses he showed us obviously had cats. My wife and I liked the house a lot and I was saying that I thought I could learn to live through the allergies. Greg actually stepped up and said ‘don’t buy this house, it’s not worth it “. He may be the first realtor in history to tell a buyer who’s extremely interested in a house not to buy it. Real estate can be confusing especially for a first time homebuyer and working with Greg was the first time I had an agent looking out for our best interests. He finally found us a great home in De Pere and when it’s time to move from this house, I’ll guarantee Greg will list it for us.


I would give him 6 stars in Negotiating and process expertise if I could. He is a absolute ROCK STAR realtor. Responded to my initial email in under 4 minutes,

Suggested I offer 20% less then the number I had in my head, with them paying closing costs and they accepted…. saved me a bunch of money without switching to Gecko. Smoothed the process and explained everything in detail to calm my first time buyer jitters.

Having contacted several realtors before him about various properties in deals that never worked. I can see he is a rarity….

Daniel Cuming

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Greg was recommended to me by two different friends. They both said that Greg was not a high pressure sales guy, but someone who was genuinely interested in helping us to find the right home. My friends were right on the mark. When we met, Greg talked about how he works — he would show us anything that we wanted to look at. If something wasn’t right or if we knew right away that we weren’t interested, we would leave. He never pressured us during the buying process. When it came time for the clos…
Becky Christianson